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Another highly sought after little record is up for pre-order now! The British VITAL SIGNS – TRADING IN GUILT 7” from 1983 is one of those ‘generic-paper-sleeve-only’ holy grails in the new wave / minimal synth pop genres that we now bring you conveniently enhanced in looks and sound! 80 copies in yellow vinyl and 120 in standard black, in a very 80s feeling thin paper sleeve. Get it before it’s too late!!

Dear friends, we hope that you’re all safe and sound in these awkward weeks that we’ve been living. Life has to go on and there are also some good news, like this one: We are taking PRE-ORDERS for our upcoming THIS ETERNAL WAITING – IN THIS MORBID ECSTASY A RELEASE IS NEEDED album now!! An extremely limited and hand numbered run of 200 copies of which 80 copies are in translucent / clear grey vinyl and 120 in standard black. PRE-ORDERED copies (no matter if grey or black) come with an EXCLUSIVE TEW BADGE! The badge won’t be available after the release date and being a highly sought after album it will sell out fast so go inside, get it now!!

Dear friends, we are taking PRE-ORDERS for our upcoming BURNING SKIES OF ELYSIUM - IT’S ALL OVER 12” now!! An extremely limited and hand numbered run of 200 copies of which 80 copies are in translucent green vinyl and 120 in standard black. Pre-ordered copies (no matter if green or black) COME WITH AN EXCLUSIVE, NUMBERED RISOGRAPHY ART PRINT for the same price! This art print won’t be available after release date so if you’re the completist kind go for it now!!

We only have a handful of copies of DW023 as it’s a co-release with our friends from Mecanica in Poland. AVIADOR DRO Y SU MAQUINARIA HUMANA – ACCIÓN CONTRA EL PASADO is a live album recorded on December 13, 1980 hence one of the earliest of which a recorded evidence exists. Full or rare, old Aviador Dro songs in primary renditions sounding great for its age!

PRE-ORDER for EPITAPH REVISITED, an album containing new electronic versions of the DER BLAUE REITER tracks is now open! Incredible, technically perfect minimal synth renditions of these classic cold wave anthems!

Our STANDING OVATION 7” single is OUT NOW!! WHAT MEANING is an almost unknown 1983 release only available on cassette back then. We had to give it another chance, this time on vinyl. Pure, original minimal synth, the genre doesn’t get any better than this! Get inside to know more!!

Ladies and gentlemen! So excited to inform you that our upcoming album by ARTIFICIAL MONUMENTS is OUT NOW!!

PRE-ORDER period for our upcoming album by ARTIFICIAL MONUMENTS, 275 COPIES, BLUE TRANSPARENT !!!!

PRE-ORDER period for our upcoming compilation album by ARTISTIC CONTROL, ONLY 165 copies !!!!

Hey! We are taking PRE-ORDERS for our upcoming compilation album by DAYS OF SORROW, entitled WHATEVER HAPPENS. This special pre-order deal is for the extremely limited clear vinyl run, with the option of an additional silkscreen art print. Album will be released mid-December. Go for it now!

Ladies and gentlemen! So excited to inform you that our V.A. – A MATTER OF CONCEPTS album is OUT NOW!! Available in standard BLACK (205 copies) and ORANGE translucent vinyl (95 copies, very few left of this one!). Get inside, go for it now!

PRE-ORDER period for our upcoming A MATTER OF CONCEPTS various artists compilation is now open !! This special web-only offer is for the exclusive 95 COPIES IN TRANSLUCENT ORANGE VINYL. Remaining copies (if any) will be sold at a higher price after release date. Don’t miss the chance to own this gorgeous and ultra-limited colour vinyl batch !!

Ladies and gentlemen! So excited to inform you that our TWIN TRIBES – SHADOWS album is OUT NOW!! Available in standard black (150 copies) and purple/magenta translucent vinyl (100 copies, very few left of this one!). Get inside, go for it now!

We are taking PRE-ORDERS for our upcoming TWIN TRIBES – SHADOWS LP now!! This special pre-order deal is for copies of the extremely limited translucent purple/magenta vinyl which comes with an additional silkscreen art print and two badges (Twin Tribes and DWR), these won’t be available anymore when the record is released at the end of April. GO FOR IT!!

Ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to inform you that our FRÍO Y VACÍO album is OUT NOW!! It has arrived some days earlier than expected which was a nice surprise. Get inside, go for it if you like dark, drum machine driven post-punk with sharp guitar and thumping basslines!!

Dear friends, our 80s synthwave compilation DISTANT WAVES II is out now!! A hand numbered LP + 7” bundle, limited to 320 copies, filled with highly sought after ‘holy grails’ and previously unreleased minimal synth / cold wave song. Enter the site and grab your copy now! These won’t last long!

Dear friends, great news!! After three years in the making our DISTANT WAVES II compilation is in the pressing plant already and coming out end of May. Stay tuned for the release of this very personal selection of rare and highly sought after Synth Wave songs, all made in the 80s. Get inside to read about it!!

Well, we have been silent for a while but hey, that means we’re working hard!! And when we come back with such incredible news we believe it’s been well worth the wait! Not every day we can announce the release of such a lost, forgotten gem from a band that were true pioneers in the golden age, our beloved early 80s. Songs that have never been heard by anybody apart from the ones lucky enough to attend some gig back then. Ladies and gentlemen we’re talking about the real foundation stones of what we now call Cold Wave, we’re talking about the Italian band DER BLAUE REITER, active from 1980 to 1983. We will be releasing a limited vinyl (will include download also) in December but the digital version is already available at our Bandcamp site
here: We strongly recommend you to get inside our BANDS and OUR RELEASES sections now and learn everything about this short-lived but amazing cold wave project. They are virtually unknown but they deserve to be up there with Joy Division to say the least. Yes, so good they are. Stay tuned for the vinyl coming in December but enjoy the digital version now!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, our THIS COLD NIGHT – AN ENIGMATIC INDIVIDUAL LP + 7” is OUT NOW! Get inside to listen to this cold /dark wave / post-punk masterpiece by this prolific, young Texan promise. Like it dark but dancey? Grab your copy, you won’t be disappointed!

NEVER MIND RECORD STORE DAY, HERE’S DEAD WAX WEEKEND!! Dear all, Sat. 16 and Sun. 17 we joyfully celebrate our own rendition of the f*cking Record Store Day, that stupid invention that collapses pressing plants and empties your pockets!! We call it Dead Wax Weekend, being not just one day but 48 hours of huge discounts on all our vinyl releases!! Moreover... for this occasion we have prepared a very special, hand crafted ultra-limited edition (60 copies only!) of our already deleted MARCIE’S STILL WAITING compilation LP. Get inside and enjoy your music weekend with us!

Ladies and gentlemen! Our brand new DW011 SILENTLY DOWN – SADNESS and DW012 FARBLOS – NOTHING ELSE FOR US TO SEE vinyl albums are now for sale! Know what? We have also included a download code with every copy for all of you finding it useful to have a digital copy! Enter, get them and enjoy them as much as we do!

Happy 2016 everybody! We have ended 2015 in the best possible way, putting up for sale our PASSIONS album. A gorgeous passion-red translucent vinyl, get inside to read about it and listen to the magical post-punk adventures of Brooklyn’s wunderkind Ben Deitz, who sadly left us on May 9, hence making this a posthumous release. The album is soooooo good! Ben you’re greatly missed!

DW006 and DW007 are NOW FOR SALE!! After a long, long delay due to all kinds of troubles and tribulations with their pressing, we finally launch our much expected BOYS SAY GO and MARCIE’S STILL WAITING albums. They are beautiful and they are fantastic!! Get inside to get them!!

Dear all! Today, April 18, it’s this year’s Record Store Day and we are offering HUGE price reductions on all our releases. If you were waiting for the right time to make an order, this is your great opportunity. Get inside and take advantage of this unique 24 hour chance!!

Ladies and gentlemen, our FARBLOS and CHA BOOM CHA releases are NOW FOR SALE! Get inside and purchase them while you can!! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!! :o).

Dear friends, the awkward situation holding our BOYS SAY GO (DW006) and MARCIE’S STILL WAITING (DW007) at the Italian pressing are history now. Lawyers involved, we have taken these projects to another plant, a big hassle for us, but also a guarantee that our babies are going to be ready in April. It’s been months of desperate waiting but we finally solved the issue! But this is not the only news! The best is that DWR didn’t stop working during all this wait and our two new releases DW008 and DW009 are to be released before this month’s end, actually before DW006 and DW007. Our brand new jewels are FARBLOS - … UND DER REGEN FÄLLT minialbum and CHA BOOM CHA - DANCING BRAVE 12” ep. Get inside to learn about these two new records and give them a listen! As usual in our line of work, things from the present and things from the past. Quality always! We hope you like them! .

Dear all, after MONTHS of desperate waiting and waiting again, we still have problems with our BOYS SAY GO (DW006) and MARCIE’S STILL WAITING (DW007) releases and can’t confirm a release date. We can’t ascertain why on earth the pressing plant in Italy just won’t deliver our records, promise after promise, deception after deception. Endless excuses, the WORST service that one could get. We won’t work, well, TRY to work with the Italian plant ever again. With everything paid in advance of course. One way or another we will be launching these fantastic records soon. Please accept our apologies for the delay.

DW004 is now out! DISTANT WAVES is a very personal various artists compilation of awesome tracks ranging from cold wave to minimal synth to goth pop. Already limited to 220 copies, only 100 of them feature THE ADDENDUM, a bonus 7” with three demo-quality songs, so good that we couldn’t leave them out! Get inside to read about it an purchase your copy!

DW003 out now!! Finally we got the replacement for the damaged sleeves of our JOY MUST REMAIN – DIVE IN DEEP album. Ready to ship!! Remember it’s limited to 100 copies only!! Go for it, now or never!!

We would like to apologize for the delay that DW003 Joy Must Remain – Dive in deep is suffering. First it was the almighty Record Store Day that caused delays at the pressing plant for heavy workload and when we finally receive it, unfortunately the sleeves are unusable and have to be replaced. We would like to thank immensely all the people who have pre-ordered the record and are having endless patience with these unpleasant events! We hope to release the album in the coming days!

Coming up next from Dead Wax Records… JOY MUST REMAIN – DIVE IN DEEP LP, an awesome discovery hailing from L.A.. Originally a one man outfit, JOY MUST REMAIN released its first digital only album DIVE IN DEEP in 2010. Powerful, bass driven post-punk influenced tunes for avid souls!! Get inside to read more and preorder your vinyl, it’s limited to 100 copies and includes an extra song not on the original download so don’t miss i!!

Remember to check out DW001 and DW002 also, cult classics from KINETIC IDEALS and REMAIN IN SILENCE!! Be quick before they sell out!! Listen inside!!

DW002 is now ready!! REMAIN IN SILENCE – LONESOME HOURS LP compiling the first two cassette releases by this awesome German cold wave band. Dark, cold indeed… but full of hope and energy!! Read about the band and the release inside. Already for sale here, we’ll start dispatching copies on Halloween. Get yours now!! Digital download version with no less than 18 live & rehearsal bonus tracks available at

Remember to check out DW001 also, KINETIC IDEALS – THIS FACE 12” EP. Post punk with synths, a real smasher!!

Kinetic Ideals – This face e.p. (DW001) is for sale now!! Go to the 'Releases' section to purchase it! Digital download version available at And in the coming days we will be revealing DW002, our second terrific release already in preparation!! Dark and haunting!! Stay tuned!!

Dead Wax Records is an utterly independent record label just like in the early 80s. We do everything ourselves out of pure passion for music, focusing mainly on post-punk, minimal & cold wave, goth rock. Quality music always, lost forgotten jewels in need of a second chance, recently discovered treasures that will see the light for the first time. Classic bands, new-born bands from all over the world, everything is welcome. Our main value and interest… vinyl, wax. It never died and for us it never will.

Our first adventure is about a great Canadian band active between 1980 and 1985, Kinetic Ideals. With awesome records in their back catalogue, deleted over three decades ago, the discovery of unreleased material became the main target for our first release, our ref. #DW001, the 4 song 'This Face' 12" e.p.. Enter the site and check it out! Hear it! The record will be available here soon, but you can already purchase the digital download at What an impressive record it is! And this is just the beginning…

Dead Wax Records online shop will be up and running in the coming weeks on this site, featuring our own releases, records by other labels and even unique second hand items. Watch out for the news!

Music doesn’t stop in the Dead Wax!!